Updates from the Drum G2G Cohort of Fall 2010

The Fort Drum Soldiers who made the decision to take the next step and Start Climbing Higher! are doing very well adjusting to the routine of R.O.T.C. and completing their college degrees. 

As soon as our Drum Cadets started classes, we were receiving great feedback on our Facebook page

Courtney Gillespie: “Had my first day of school today. Went pretty well! Thanks again for everything!!” 

Here’s another great report and endorsement from Cadet Kwon: 

Phillip Kwon: “G2G is a great choice for any enlisted soldiers to go officer. I’m the living, breathing, walking guinea pig that did NON-Scholarship option out of Ft. Drum and I am enjoying college life right now. I fully support CPT hunt with G2G.” 

A few weeks later, we wanted to check in with some of the 19 new G2G cadets from Fort Drum. We asked them how they were, and how they were adjusting. 

Here’s what some of them were saying about their first few weeks in college and R.O.T.C.: 

Pat Fall: “Doin well. Will be back at drum for my FTX in 2 weeks.” 

Jae Min Yandow: “Thanks Sir for the check in. I have my FTX this weekend. Trying my best to study hard, learn as much as I can as a Cadet, and enjoying this time I have to go to school. Thanks again Sir.”

UPDATE: Here's a photo of Cadet Yandow on his FTX in a CH-47 Chinook

Phillip Kwon: “So far so good sir. thinking about visiting drum In October. Hopefully on one of your briefing days.” 

Courtney Gillespie: “Sir, All is well here in Cincy. Getting into the swing of things. Closing up my first full week of classes. It’s quite the adjustment but I’m enjoying myself. Great to see that all that work brought me this far. Can’t wait to wear the gold! Thanks for everything. Couldn’t have gotten to this point w/o your assistance and support. Pictures to follow!”  

Thanks for checking back in with us, and please continue to make us proud at your R.O.T.C. Battalions as Fort Drum Green to Gold Cadets! 


Update: Here's a photo of Cadet Vazquez at a recent training event with the Golden Knight Battalion in Potsdam, NY.

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