One Team Synergy! Blurring the Lines

The Fort Drum Green to Gold Team has their marching orders:

“Synergy is no longer a theme or concept…but rather ‘the’ way of doing business.”

-Col. Glenn Goldman, Commander 2nd Brigade (Army ROTC).

At this time, the Fort Drum Green to Gold team is still the only full-time outfit dedicated to advising, coaching, and mentoring enlisted Soldiers who wish to pursue an ROTC Green to Gold application.

Our team is well-positioned to reach out and coordinate with our USACC and USAREC partners to create a new wave of synergy in the Green to Gold sphere.

Our team has been very successful at Fort Drum. In the first year of our mission, we successfully quadrupled the historical average of enlisted Soldiers going Green to Gold on our post. In the April board, we beat the historical average eight-fold!

We attribute our success to our social media outreach, and our commitment to forming relationships in our community – at universities, at ROTC battalions, at USMA and nearby recruiting battalions, and at local organizations on our post at Fort Drum.

We’ve got a lot to offer, but SO DO YOU! Are you a ROO at a counterpart battalion? Are you the go-to expert at your organization for recruiting/outreach? What have you learned that the G2G community can benefit from?

We also want to help. We want to drive traffic to YOUR website, to YOUR school, and put you in touch with enlisted Soldiers that want to talk to YOU!

We will soon be contacting members of the community in order to brainstorm how we can create more synergy in the G2G mission. We will be putting out updates in our new infoblog category “One Team Synergy” so check back frequently. You can contact us too if you are as hot as we are to generate synergy.

Let’s continue climbing higher together. To the Top!

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