Choosing a School in the 2nd ROTC “Freedom” Brigade

If you are looking for a university to apply to, as an important first step in their Green to Gold application process, you should consider a school inside the footprint of the 2nd ROTC BDE, also known as the “Freedom Brigade,” especially if you want to stay in the northeast. 

The Freedom Brigade spans across nine states in the northeast United States (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine). It includes 41 ROTC battalions located at “host” universities, along with 87 “partner schools” and 250 other affiliated institutions.

Inside the Freedom Brigade footprint you will find prestigious universities such as Cornell, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton, and Clarkson University. You will also find outstanding and affordable state institutions like the State University of New York at Potsdam (SUNY Potsdam). You can even attend National MacArthur Award winning Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). 

[Article: Freedom Brigade leads way in ROTC programs]

In summary, you have a LOT of options when deciding to attend a school in the Freedom Brigade footprint. 

Below we have included links with contact info for the 41 host battalions in the 2nd ROTC “Freedom” Brigade, as well as their partner schools and affiliated institutions.

New Jersey: (3 Host Battalions, 19 total colleges and universities

New York: (13 Host Battalions, 94 total colleges and universities

Pennsylvania: (16 Host Battalions, 70 total colleges and universities

Connecticut: (1 Host Battalion

Rhode Island: (2 Host Battalions, 6 total colleges and universities

Massachusetts: (5 Host Battalions, 48 total colleges and universities

New Hampshire: (1 Host Battalion, 12 total colleges and universities

Vermont: (2 Host Battalions, 8 total colleges and universities

Maine: (1 Host Battalion, 5 total colleges and universities)

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