Eligibility: 110 GT Score

A lot of Soldiers who attend our briefings notice that one of the eligibility requirements to apply to Green to Gold is a GT score of 110 or higher.

These Soldiers get a little nervous when they see that no waivers are accepted for this particular eligibility requirement. Some walk away.

Let me tell you why that’s the wrong answer: you can IMPROVE your GT score!

While there are no waivers for having a GT score lower than 110, with the help of the Basic Skills Education Program (BSEP) you can raise your GT score so that you no longer need a waiver. BSEP is offered at your Education Center.

Don’t disqualify yourself from applying to Green to Gold because you think your GT score is not high enough. You can raise it with BSEP.

BSEP provides Soldiers with training in reading, mathematics, and test-taking skills, so that they can be successful when they take the test to improve their GT score. On Fort Drum, you will take four weeks of classes during the duty day, and receive the attention of an expert instructor who will assess your skills and help you improve.

The last time you took the ASVAB (and set your GT score) you were probably unprepared. It was probably the first time you took the ASVAB, or saw a test like it. Since then your experience has grown, and your skills have improved. In addition to that, the BSEP class will equip you with skills you need to be successful when you retest.

In order to get enrolled for the next BSEP class, you must:

  • Take (or have taken) the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) within the last 12 months (get signed up to take the TABE at your Education Center).
  • Bring a copy of your ERB
  • Bring a memo from your Commander authorizing you to enroll in BSEP.

You can get signed up for BSEP by visiting your Education Center and enrolling in the class. If you are on Fort Drum, you can check out this poster with more information about BSEP offerings on post (poster also includes a sample Commander’s memo).

*A final tip from the Fort Drum Green to Gold Advisory Team*. Do not wait to do any of the other important first steps to start your packet. It may take you 30 days to finish a BSEP course, but you should also be applying to school and getting your physical done so that when you are able to raise your GT score, you are ready to START CLIMBING HIGHER!

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