The Most Important First Steps

We see a lot of folks at our information briefings, and we put out A TON of information at those briefings.

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information we put out at our briefings, but there is one thing we always hope you take away when you visit, and that is what YOUR next step should be.

So if you’ve ever been confused or overwhelmed about where to start, pay attention to these three most important tasks that you should do before you do anything else.

  1. Apply to school – You’ll be spending the next few years in ROTC at a university in the United States. There are over 1,100 to choose from. You must be accepted into a university in order to go Green To Gold. Nothing is more important than this step. Almost everything depends on this step: how many credits you will have accepted, your class standing, and even which ROTC battalion you will be assigned to. If you don’t know which university you want to go to, search for an ROTC affiliated school at the ROTC School Locator. You can search by state, or by school name. Get in touch with the admissions office at the school you select as soon as possible. Do not delay in completing this step.
  2. Get your Green To Gold (DODMERB) physical – In order to go Green To Gold you must be medically qualified. There are often long waiting lists for appointments for this specific type of physical. The physical is submitted to DODMERB in a centralized location for review by the qualifying doctors. It is important that you tackle this step early on so that you don’t miss the packet submission date for the Green To Gold board you are applying to.
  3. Tell your Chain of Command – Your Chain of Command will be supporting you a lot in the coming months while you work on your Green To Gold packet. Talk to your Chain of Command in an appropriate way, and let them know you want to be an Army Officer. Tell them that you are assembling a Green To Gold packet and would like their support in the future. Your Company and Battalion Commander will need to write you letters of recommendation. Alerting them early will put you on their radar so they can write a solid letter for your packet.

If you are motivated to go Green To Gold, get these steps finished early. It is often not worth your time to take action on any of the other packet requirements until these steps are complete.

Focussing on these steps early on will save you time and anxiety later as your submission deadline approaches.

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